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Build, Launch, Grow, Repeat.

I build companies, products and growth strategies by owning the mission, being persistently present and tackling challenges with relentless resourcefulness.

I’m passionate about building out ideas; from elaborate treehouses as a kid to later adventures of building Jarvis from Ironman. There has always been something magical about envisioning change and the path to it’s realization. Working with others, iterating through challenges, creative problem solving, and at the core – building something new where once there was nothing. At some point (perhaps the school playground) the inspiration shifted to entrepreneurial endeavors. Some noteworthy accomplishments include:

  • Built numerous technologies spanning artificial intelligence, augmented reality, a proprietary payment system and marketing automations, as a passionate technologist
  • Built an eCommerce business in a red ocean industry to over $4M+ in annual revenue.
  • My work has been featured numerous times in leading publications such as the NYTimes, Inc., Forbes, TNW & more.
  • Built and led multiple teams to success with diverse objectives in several bootstrapped environments
  • Business development experience that has led to partnerships with major organizations such as PepsiCo  and Breville
What I Do

Today I bring new products & ideas to market by architecting creative solutions and aggressively executing on project vision. From strategy setting to rolling up my sleeves and backfilling any role required to overcome roadblocks. I’ve had the opportunity to build some really fun products which you can explore here.

I build companies

I’m energized by the process of moving ideas to products to market – building organizations and products ground up. From business modelling and strategy to product development, launch, operations, execution & growth, I don’t build rockets *hoping* to land on the moon, I build sustainable organizations that provide enduring value for companies and their customers.

I build cross-functional teams where accountability is espoused by shared success and owned failure. The most exciting part of working with a fantastic team is the journey of tackling challenges with clever ideas and sprinkle of bravado. “What if we…” and “That might just work…” gives me the thrill of a rollercoaster.

I build products

I create products that solve unique challenges; from automation technologies & mobile/web applications, to online payment systems and virtualization tools. I’ve connected existing products to new markets (zazu), and existing markets to new products (plus size wedding rings) – proving that you can bring anything to market with a creative approach. The products I create are specifically designed to :

  • Fit the channels in which it will be marketed, distributed and consumed
  • Appeal to the deep seated motivations (psychology) of its target user
  • Balance the capabilities of an organization’s teams, budgets and ROI
I build marketing strategies

I approach product marketing with a passion for storytelling, layering in principles of psychology (influence design, emotion, and cognitive biases) into marketing and communications strategies that can be applied across all forms of digital marketing. I define and execute go-to-market strategies including pricing, promotion and distribution and have grown many full-funnel digital marketing campaigns (SEO, PPC, Social, Email) with a keen eye on overdelivering on ROI goals.

I build analytics frameworks

I tackle my projects with an analytical approach, whether through agile project velocities during development, analytics embedded into the core of products I launch & grow, or through outcomes mapped and measured against financial models that ensure financial/ROI viability. My analysis models range from in-depth excel models/pro-formas to layered data sources in dynamic Data Studio reports which enable an entire organization to collaborate from a common perspective

Work with me

I look for smart teams building new products, going-to-market or tackling the next level of an organization’s growth path. I believe in taking ownership of a mission and being persistently present* — I’m committed to the cause; seeing things through to a true ROI. I  believe that hard work begets luck, which leads to success and bring a relentless resourcefulness** to a team’s ability to rise above challenges. I’m constantly tinkering with new ideas, models and technology and thrive in fast paced environments — If everything is under control, you’re not going fast enough***.

Let’s solve an interesting problem together. Reach out and say hello!


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Young Entrepreneurs Council

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Northeastern University

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Co-Founder & CEO | Zazu
President | Northeastern University Entrepreneurs Club
Co-Founder | Husky Startup Challenge
Co-Founder | Co-Op Ratings
Analyst | Hercules Technology Growth Capital
Co-Founder | Boston BookWorks
Specialist | Merrill Lynch

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