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Mabel & Main is the first fine bridal jeweler to exclusively serve plus size couples. Authentic diamond bridal styles, redesigned for the perfect fit and inspired look for larger hands.

The fashion industry has made strides in serving diverse styles and sizes. Yet despite such advancements, the jewelry sub-industry has coasted through with little to no change. Style development for women’s engagement rings are still done in size 7, a standard that appears to have stuck for the sake of convenience for jewelry crafters.

In 2021, I built Mabel & Main ground up, defining the brand identity & positioning, designing the initial merchandising strategy with the jewelry crafting floors, building out the ecommerce platform & related integrations, to the final execution of the go-to-market strategy to reach plus size couples directly.

This is why we’re beyond excited to see newcomer Mabel & Main changing up the game and providing brides, grooms, and couples overall with gorgeous rings in sizes 9-24. And it’s not just a single style or two, their entire repertoire is thoughtfully designed with inclusivity in mind. 

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Notable Accomplishments:

  • Creating the first ever plus size exclusive bridal jewelry company.
  • Zero to One launch of a new consumer brand for an underserved niche.
  • Building out a portfolio brand that integrates into an established organization.

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