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Group Dance Platform

If you have attended a South Asian wedding, you know there’s a lot of dancing involved! If you were friends and family of the bride or groom however, you’ll likely have been asked to perform a group dance, kind of like a flashmob! Finding choreographers and making the dance performance a memorable part of a wedding has always been a herculean effort. In 2024, I built to make it easy for groups of friends and family to learn a choreographed dance remotely and come together to perform it IRL, forging stronger connections and relationships at an already memorable occasion.

  • As of launch, browse 30+ dance tutorials choreographed as step-by-step videos for people (friends, aunties, bridesmaids, kids) who don’t know how to dance.
  • Tutorials play on loop and slower speeds, so you don’t have to fumble with a video player to nail the dance moves.
  • Group invites allow you to bring in as many people as you plan to dance with, free of charge.
  • All group members get their own free learning account for on the go learning that builds confidence they’ll be able to pull off the dance

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