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Hatched from a Startup Weekend in Boston with the inspiration of building Jarvis from Ironman, The Zazu Mornings application combined features of the familiar bed side alarm clock and voice technology to present users with personal information that helped them navigate their day. The technology integrated a user’s calendars, local weather, deals, personalized news, and custom content and presented it through a hands-free spoken audio stream or hands-on interactive experience. Zazu was built for Android, iPhone & Android TV

Notable Accomplishments

  • Built and managed dynamic teams including founders, advisors & early team members
  • Managed multiple mobile and web technologies through entire product life cycles
  • Established partnerships for the technology with PepsiCoQuaker, Samsung, Breville, Nuance and more
  • Won the 2010 PepsiCo10 program, finalists in 2010 MassChallenge and 2011 MITX Awards for Best Integration of Mobile
  • Presented the technology at prestigious conferences including DEMO, TechCrunch Disrupt, and Launch
  • Executed PR and social media strategies that led to strong social media presence; coverage in the NYTimes, WSJ, Yahoo, GigaOm, CNET, Xconomy, Venturebeat, and Mashable among many others

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