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A fantastic article by Karen Dybis covering the kickoff of our collaborations at Mabel & Main, an initiative designed to connect our brand’s mission with changemakers in the plus-size industry.

When we launched plus size at My Trio Rings, we knew we could do better, and community had to be at the core of our approach.

When the My Trio Rings team saw the immediate reaction to Full Brilliance, they realized the plus-size community was underserved, says founder Punit Shah. That’s when an idea struck and stuck. They’d launch a new business—something that not only served this community but also sought to develop on-trend jewelry.

The result is Mabel & Main, a new company that debuted in June 2021 focusing on plus-size couples, developing wedding sets and accompanying jewelry. The Mabel & Main brand offers a wider array of ring sizes, but it also highlights modern styles, Shah says.

“We were proud of what we did [at My Trio Rings], but we realized we could do more,” Shah says. “We want to build something for a group of people who have not yet had a chance to have a voice.”

JCK Online (October 6th, 2022)

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