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I’ve spent a lot of time designing mobile experiences, from Zazu through a number of products at My Trio Rings. One of the biggest UX elements that are overlooked by product owners, is the empowered feeling consumers have on desktop, specifically because more information is often provided on desktop interfaces.

“Traditional advice is to decrease content and reduce clicks required to conversion in a small screen environment. But make sure not to remove content that is vital to the customer’s buying process solely for the sake of reducing content…”

The Next Web, (August 28, 2015)

At My Trio Rings prior to 2018, consumers would often shop on mobile, but pull the final purchase trigger on desktop based on comfort levels that were apparent on desktop interfaces for high value purchases.

Today consumers are far more comfortable buying on mobile. If trust in a new brand is low or the features of a purchase are complex, there is often pressure to revisit the purchasing journey from a desktop computer or larger interface where a user can explore every detail that could impact their purchase decisions.

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